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Valgomed, prices, works, reviews, reviews, forum, KenyaWhat is the bunion? Valgomed

Bunion or hallux valgus (hallux abducto valgus) in medical language and also known as reviews stiff big toe  in english. Bunion is a lump found at the base of the big toe (hallux). This lump is formed due to the deformity price of the big toe joint (first metatarsal).

Mother toes grow abnormally, which is tilted towards the other toes. This pharmacy bone deformity can also occur in the pinky joint (the fifth metatarsal) called a bunionette.

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Valgomed, how to use, ingredients, composition, how it worksBunion Valgomed and bunionette generally have similarities in that the fingers are pushed and form lumps. And both of them can appear Valgomed together:

Cause factors and how to use

Bunion cases are caused by many factors. Two factors that have the dominant potential in forming lumps are behavior and offspring.

Behavior factors are influenced by the use of shoes and activities. The how to use of shoes is a 48% cause of bunion, namely ingredients the use of high-heeled shoes, shoes with narrowed front ends and the use of shoes that use shoes that are too fitting in the legs are a common cause of bunion.

The use of these shoes will cause the toes to jostle to one another which ingredients ultimately disrupts the condition of the balance of the thumb and pinkie joints, because the two fingers that come in direct contact with the shoe composition, so that both receive direct pressure.

In addition to the use of shoes, bunion is also caused by activities that require patients to stand for quite a long time, for example ballet dancers and teachers, this will how it works cause the feet to experience interference.

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Valgomed, reviews, forum, commentsHereditary factors, Valgomed bunions are not inherited, even though the developing myth states so. Patients are not born with a lump on the side of the foot, but inherited leg shape Valgomed can be a potential for the formation of a tilt of the toes so that it has a reviews risk of bunion (see picture leg shapes that have a risk of bunion cases). Heredity is a 25% cause of bunion cases.

Another factor, reviews accounts for 27% of bunion cases:

  • neuromuscular dysfunction
  • hypermobility / ligament weakness
  • stress on the feet

Foot forms that have a risk of bunion cases forum:

  • the “Grec” foot shape is the foot with the index finger longer than the others foot 1
  • the shape of the foot “Carre” ie the toes are the same length. So that the legs are shaped like a rectangle.Description comments griffe o4 et bold 3.7
  • “égyptien” foot foot 3shape note the foot shapes in the use of shoes: hallux 1
  • the shape of the foot that has too flat feet.

Detection of bunions needs to be done in order to prevent worse comments lumps because bunion cannot disappear.

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Check the presence Valgomed of hallux valgus patients in your family, especially the maternal pathway, because 72% of bunion cases are inherited from the maternal pathway. If Valgomed in your family there are several hallux valgus sufferers, you have the potential to get infected as well so it is necessary to Kenya do a foot examination to podiatrists for early prevention.

Bunion is a progressive disease. Lumps in the legs occur in 4 stages. Each patient has a different speed at the slope level. More bone deformity began in the early 40s and 50s. Therefore Kenya 90% of bunion cases are found in middle-aged women. But that Original does not mean young age is free from bunion cases. 2% of bunion cases occur in young women because bone deformity begins to occur at the age of 10 Pharmacy years.

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Young bunion cases can Valgomed be caused by hereditary factors and this case can also be caused by the condition of the patient when the toddler is due to the position of the feet during the learning phase, meaning the pressure caused by uneven weight Valgomed where the toe joint receives a lot of price burden.

This condition is because the body is leaning forward. The use of shoes that are right in the leg and activity will aggravate young bunion. Cases of young bunions are price found in children aged 14 years.

The appearance of calluses on the front footfeet

Symptoms to watch out for are:

Foot joint pain or stiffness

Swelling of pharmacy the toe joint

Difficulty moving your big toe

The formation of a lump on the outside of the big toe.

  1. Types of bunion

The bunion type is determined by the degree of slope and complexity.

Mild bunion is when the toes of the big amazon toe do not exceed 20 °

The bunion type is determined by the degree of slope and complexity.

Mild bunion is when the toes of the big toe do not exceed 20 ° hallux_8

Medium bunion where to buy, when the tilt of the big toe reaches 20 ° – 40 °julie-horz

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Severe bunion which is when Valgomed the toes of the big toe are more than 40

Bunion complex that is with a high level of complexity, can be caused by the growth of lumps on some parts of the foot, also due to mechanical abnormalities of the Valgomed foot.


Bunion does side effects not cause death, but the pain and pain that can be caused can make the sufferer very tormented, for example a burning sensation, swelling and sores on a lump, and a disturbance in the soles of the feet that cause imbalance side effects when walking.


Bunion cannot be contraindications cured but a “Correction” can be done to normalize the foot position. Broadly speaking there are two alternatives:

Without it really works surgery:

Use a tool to straighten the position of the big toe. This tool will be effective for mild bunion. The prices of these tools range cost from 19 € – 40 €

Hallux 4-horz using foot pads, which is to reduce friction on the foot lump.Halux 1-horz

Change the style of shoes, with shoes that are more adapted to what is the cost the condition of the feet. For example shoes made specifically for bunion sufferers.



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